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Improve the real-time location feature and make it efficient and safer to use on the streets using WeChat Real-time Navigation feature


While writing this case study, it's been more than a year since I have moved to a beautiful city in China called Xiamen. Being a new country and a new town has often made me take longer routes or wrong directions while using the Amaps (Chinese version of google maps). So I prefer using WeChat real-time location feature to be monitored when I am meeting my friends. While using this feature on WeChat, I often get upset that I took a longer route or a longer time to reach a destination and it gets annoying. I decided to look over this matter and build a turn-by-turn navigation solution to help solve this problem.

My Role

I did the whole project by myself and was helped by my friends for the insights.

My roles include:

  1. Research
  2. Interviews
  3. Ideation
  4. Wireframing
  5. Visual Solution
  6. Prototyping

For the research, I followed the Design Thinking Process to find the best solution for end users.



Though I identified the pain points, I wanted to validate the problem with a significant group of people to understand if they face a similar issue. So, I created a questionnaire asking my friends about their experiences while using the feature. I was able to get insights from 36 people and uncovered the following data

76% confirmed they use this feature often, 23% used it sometimes, 11% had never used this feature before.

89% belonged to the age group 15years to 45years, 11% were above 50years